Team 7Lives – Free Teamspeak Channel

Free Teamspeak Channel. Team 7Lives is offering free teamspeak channels to anyone who needs one. Please apply using the link in the main menu.

A community based in Europe. We speak English & Dutch and Swedish there are also German, Russian French, Spanish speaking members. We play many games old and new. Come join us and speak to a server admin to find out more

This community dates back to 2002 when we used Teamspeak 2 servers. Head to the History page to find out more.

Admin Team

We have dedicated admins & moderators online throughout the day to make sure the server runs smoothly and your questions are answered.


Our server only goes down for Teamspeak updates. We make sure the server is up to date as soon as a new update is out to ensure 100% security.


We run several scripts to help prevent spam and harassment.

Free Teamspeak Channel For all  Free Teamspeak Channel For all