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We have dedicated admins & moderators online throughout the day to make sure the server runs smoothly and your questions are answered.


Our server only goes down for Teamspeak updates. We make sure the server is up to date as soon as a new update is out to ensure 100https://ts-fc4a.nl/wp-content/themes/enigmaecurity.


We run several scripts to help prevent spam and harassment.


Latest News

TeamSpeak Rank Bot

We changed the rank bot, check this link for more info.

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Teamspeak 3.1 (2017)

=== Client Release 12 Jan 2017 Fixed crash at s

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MOHAA Weinachtsschiesen

Weinachtsschiesen: Er zijn 2 dagen dat we kunnen spelen

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TS Rankbot Update 1.2.1

The Teamspeak Rankbot has been updated to version 1.2.1

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Site Update

There are some updates on the site The site is now comp

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Racing Sundays

Every Sunday a group of us race. Normally F1 or Project

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Team 7Lives is offering free teamspeak channels to anyo

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