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We have dedicated admins & moderators online throughout the day to make sure the server runs smoothly and your questions are answered.


Our server only goes down for Teamspeak updates. We make sure the server is up to date as soon as a new update is out to ensure 100% security.


We run several scripts to help prevent spam and harassment.


Latest News

Teamspeak 3.1 (2017)

=== Client Release 12 Jan 2017 Fixed crash at start on Windows Vista === Client Release 3.1 15 Dec 2016 Added support for myTeamSpeak. Signing up for a myTeamSpeak account will allow you to synchronize your bookmarks, identities, hotkeys, whisper lists and channel subscriptions. Upcoming myTeamSpeak features will include addons synchronization, addons update management,

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MOHAA Weinachtsschiesen

Weinachtsschiesen: Er zijn 2 dagen dat we kunnen spelen namelijk: dinsdag 27 en vrijdag 30 december. Op die dagen zal de server voor het gamen aanstaan. Laten we dat vanaf 20.00 uur starten met gezamelijk spel. Downloaden: Het MOHAA spel is te downloaden, de link is te verkrijgen bij een van de Admins De file

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TS Rankbot Update 1.2.1

The Teamspeak Rankbot has been updated to version 1.2.1 * optimize database structure; increase the database perfomance + added statistics based on lastseen (clients online 24h, last 7d, last 30d, last 90d) + added full list for nations, versions and platforms with user count (linked on stats/index.php) + unset https warning on install.php if an

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Site Update

There are some updates on the site The site is now complete ssl secure with certificate from Let’s Encrypt. The rank page is fixed Removed some plugins wich are not needed anymore New Categories News (al the pages that where in news are moved to post) Change news to info and make a proper news

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Racing Sundays

Every Sunday a group of us race. Normally F1 or Project Cars. Feel free to join us!  

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Team 7Lives is offering free teamspeak channels to anyone who needs one. Please apply using the link in the main menu.

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