This is a history of our TS server.

  • First TeamSpeak 2 Server : 2002 (First server – Forgot the name of the server)
  • .:DSK:. Multi Clan : 2003 (.:DSK:. Clan, Pepreal & Shadow were both in that clan, TS server hosted by Pepreal)
  • FreeClanServer4All Since : 2004 (This was back then hosted by Pepreal (open server) on ADSL connection, upload speed: 256Kb/s, then 512Kb/s and later 1Mbit/s)
    • DSS – TeamSpeak : 2004-2011 (Port: 8767 – 1e Dutch Speech Server – This teamSpeak server was from Oldtimer (member of the German/Dutch [LEG] Clan) , from 2004 until 2011 when Teamspeak 3 was released, was hosted on the same private server As FreeClanServer4All as a separte daemon, and later hosted on the dedicated server as a separate daemon)teamspeak-free-4-old-days
  • =NKM= TeamSpeak Server : 2005 (This was after DSK, only Pepreal, TS server hosted by Pepreal)
  • Free Clan Server 4 All : 2006 (This was still hosted by Pepreal and only 1 server until we moved to a dedicated server)
  • Free Clan Server 4 All 1 : 2007 (Port: 8768 – Admin: Pepreal & Shadow, TS daemon moved to real hosted dedicated server, short for: ts-fc4a.nl which was and still is the domain and IP for TS3)
  • Free Clan Server 4 All 2 : 2007 (Port: 8766 – Admin: first by Shadow and later on by SuperArmy, second Server)
  • Free Clan Server 4 All 3 : 2007 (Port: 9025 – Admin: Wesley, third server, renamed from: ->Fun And Game Server(NL)<- hosted By Wesley and later on the dedicated server)
  • TeamSpeak 3 Test Server : 2009 (Private test server, hosted by Pepreal & Shadow. Server was password protected because it was still in beta and wanted to test it first and get used to the new design and engine. TS3 still in beta.)
  • TeamSpeak Gaming Group – TGG : 07-2010 – 05-2013 (2011 TS3 official release, TS3 database was moved from Pepreal private server to dedicated server. Server was still password protected.)
  • Team 7Lives – 7L : 05-2013 – 01-2014 (Removed the password and changed the name to Team 7Lives or 7L for short)


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