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TeamSpeak Rank Bot

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We changed the rank bot, check this link for more info.

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Teamspeak 3.1 (2017)

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=== Client Release 12 Jan 2017

  • Fixed crash at start on Windows Vista

=== Client Release 3.1 15 Dec 2016

  • Added support for myTeamSpeak. Signing up for a myTeamSpeak account will allow you to synchronize your bookmarks, identities, hotkeys, whisper lists and channel subscriptions. Upcoming myTeamSpeak features will include addons synchronization, addons update management, and more.
  • Added IPv6 support
  • Filetransfer backend rewritten
  • New improved echo cancellation implementation
  • Addons now install into user directory by default, where no UAC is required unless using a portable installation.
  • All backend for bookmarks, identities, hotkeys, whisperlists, subscriptions, addons etc. rewritten, using new storage system across all devices.
  • New implementation of TSDNS. Important change: The client now only looks for a TSDNS server on a toplevel SRV record. For server name a.b.c.d.e the client will only search for a TSDNS server with a SRV record named _tsdns._tcp.d.e
  • Added russian and japanese translations.
  • Upgraded C++ runtime to Visual Studio 2015. Added support to install the Microsoft C++ runtime package on demand during update process.
  • Added whisperlist import/export to textfile, see contextmenu on the
    synchronized/local lists in whisperlists dialog. Requested by users for easier sharing of complex whisperlist setups.
  • Added badges system. Redeem a code to receive special badges. Configure which of these badges should be shown in the client. See Options / MyTeamSpeak page
  • Added -safemode commandline parameter to skip loading any plugins.
  • Added check for injected Ad-Aware dll which may crash the TeamSpeak client.
  • In recent OS X versions, hotkeys may stop working after using the built-in updater. When installing from a disk image, they work fine. We are currently evaluating this issue. If you are an OS X user and require hotkeys, consider using the disk image installer instead of the updater.
  • TSDNS now uses the list to determine at what level the client should query for a TSDNS server. It will pick the domain 1 level below the domains on that list. For example: for it will pick since is on that list.
  • Do not consider a teredo tunnel as a routable ipv6 address. If there is no other routable ipv6 address, this means the client will not try to resolve ipv6 addresses.
  • Submenus temporarily removed from Self menu on OS X until we find a workaround for Qt 5.6.1 issue with submenus not updating properly.
  • Overhauled Windows sound backend.
  • Plugins can now load dynamic libraries from a subfolder with same name as plugin library (Windows only).
  • Added missing 16x16_myts_account.png to “Origin” iconpack (gfx/

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MOHAA Weinachtsschiesen

Category : News

Er zijn 2 dagen dat we kunnen spelen namelijk: dinsdag 27 en vrijdag 30 december.
Op die dagen zal de server voor het gamen aanstaan.
Laten we dat vanaf 20.00 uur starten met gezamelijk spel.

Het MOHAA spel is te downloaden, de link is te verkrijgen bij een van de Admins

De file is gecomprimeerd met het programma RAR en beveiligd met een password.
Het password is op te vragen bij een van de Server Admins.

Uitpakken in map maar niet in Program Files of Documenten, anders krijg je problemen met de rechten.
Ga in de MOHAA map en start: MOH_POST_INSTALL.bat, deze file past o.a. de resolutie aan.
Wacht tot de batch file klaar is.
Als MOHAA niet van zelf start, zelf moh_breakthrough starten.
De grafische instellingen onder Video en Advanced aanpassen op de hoogste stand, behalve Resolution in Video, die moet op -1 staan!
De -1 is een aanpassing die door de batchfile is gedaan voor de moderne breedbeeld schermen, dus niet aanpassen.

Het inloggen met MOHHA gaat op IP: (standaard poort)

Het TeamSpeak3 adres is: (geen password)

Pepreal en Oldtimer zullen vanaf 19.30 uur op de server aanwezig zijn.


MOHAA Christmas-shootout:

There are two days that we can play include: Tuesday 27 and Friday December 30th.
On those days will be on the server for gaming.
Let’s start from 20:00 GMT+1 to play together.

The MOHAA game can be downloaded, the link is available from the Admins.

The game is compressed with RAR program and secured with a password.
The password can be obtained at one of the Server Admins

Extract to a folder but not in Program Files or Documents, otherwise you get problems with the rights.
Go into the folder and start MOHAA: MOH_POST_INSTALL.bat, this file adjust the resolution.
Wait until the batch file is finished.
If MOHAA not selfstasting, start moh_breakthrough by hand.
The graphics settings under Video and Advanced adjust to maximum, except in Video Resolution, which should stand at -1!
The -1 is an adjustment that is done by the batch file for the modern widescreen displays, so do not adjust.

Enter the Server:
Logging with MOHAA goes IP: (default port)

The TeamSpeak3 address is: (no password)

Pepreal and Oldtimer will be available from 19:30 GMT+1 on the server.

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TS Rankbot Update 1.2.1

Category : News

The Teamspeak Rankbot has been updated to version 1.2.1

  • * optimize database structure; increase the database perfomance
  • + added statistics based on lastseen (clients online 24h, last 7d, last 30d, last 90d)
  • + added full list for nations, versions and platforms with user count (linked on stats/index.php)
  • + unset https warning on install.php if an error occurred; to focus the main problem
  • – fixed syntax error on italian translation

The Teamspeak Rankbot will now auto update




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Site Update

Category : News

There are some updates on the site
  • The site is now complete ssl secure with certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
  • The rank page is fixed
  • Removed some plugins wich are not needed anymore
  • New Categories News (al the pages that where in news are moved to post)
  • Change news to info and make a proper news update page
  • Some small residual http code change to https
  • Some small cosmetics

Greetz, Pepreal

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Category : News

Team 7Lives is offering free teamspeak channels to anyone who needs one. Please apply using the link in the main menu.

Teamspeak Server

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