Teamspeak Rules

■■■ General TeamSpeak Rules ■■■

Breaking any of the TeamSpeak rules may result in a BAN!!!

■■■ General Rules ■■■

  1. Be respectful to other users (Especially To Admins).
  2. No pornography or illegal material.
  3. If someone is provoking or flaming you, do not fight back. Simply report the user and he/she will be dealt with (Or make a complaint by right clicking on the user in question).
  4. Do not advertise your server/website on TS.
  5. If you notice spam, please report it.
  6. Do not spam commands for example join/leave channels and mute/ unmute microphone.

■■■ Public Channels ■■■

  1. Moderate your language. No one wants to hear you use profanities.
  2. No Music. Keep music inside the Music channel or user channels.
  3. You are allowed to have five average sized images in your channel description.
  4. You can only have one channel. With 5 sub channels.

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